Chicago Medical Spa Boot Camp Recap

By: Aly Boeckh

Enthusiastic Medical Spa Professionals converged at the AmSpa's Medical Spa Boot Camp in Chicago, IL to learn legal compliance, business tools, and successful strategies for opening and/or improving their medical spa practice!

AmSpa's Definitive Guide to Vaginal Rejuvenation

By: Aly Boeckh

A laser devices' best kept secret- vaginal rejuvenation treatments are on the rise and show no signs of stopping! Curious about how exactly this procedure works?
Here is AmSpa's definitive guide...

Skincare Supporting Medical Spa Services

By: Aly Boeckh

The Skincare market is exploding; worldwide cosmetic industry sales have reached a value of $170 billion dollars a year. If you're not capitalizing on this booming industry, then you're missing the boat on one of the most lucrative ways to generate significant revenue in your medical spa. 

Skincare products are a great value to add to your medical spa or medical aesthetics practice for three reasons: profit, patient satisfaction, and retention. Terri Wojak outlined the value of skin care programs in a medical spa at the Medical Spa Summit at the Face & Body Spa Conference and Expo in January. Let's explore how you can achieve these goals in three easy steps...

Opening a Med Spa Step-by-Step: Maegen Kennedy's Journey

By: Aly Boeckh

Meet Maegen Kennedy, PA-C longtime AmSpa supporter and good friend, who has recently took the plunge in opening her very own medical spa! She is very excited about the journey and is just in the beginning phases of building her practice in Orlando, FL. Here on the blog, Maegen will be sharing her journey with us, starting with the construction site tour all the way until her doors are open for business. If you thought opening a medical spa would be easy, follow Maegen's journey- you might be in for a real surprise!

Stay tuned for live updates every few weeks here on the blog or AmSpa's YouTube channel!

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AmSpa Predicts the Future of Your Business

By: Aly Boeckh

You can't predict the weather in Chicago, but with AmSpa's help you can predict your business' future. AmSpa's Medical Spa Boot Camp at the Grant Thornton Center in Chicago, IL March 20th-21st will be stacked with top medical spa companies in the industry offering medical spa equipment, skin care, expert advice and your ticket to success!

Off-label Botox Treatments to Expand your Menu

By: Aly Boeckh

Although we all know Botox is primarily used for smoothing wrinkles, today, more and more physicians are expanding their menus by providing off-label uses for Botox that actually have nothing to do with age prevention. According to Time magazine, "More than half of Botox's revenue comes from its therapeutic uses for conditions as varied as chronic migraines and back pain to excessive sweating and twitching eyelids." If done right, offering these treatments could be a real differentiator for your medical spa. Following are just a few treatments that you can add to expand your menu: