Skincare Supporting Medical Spa Services

By: Aly Boeckh

The Skincare market is exploding; worldwide cosmetic industry sales have reached a value of $170 billion dollars a year. If you're not capitalizing on this booming industry, then you're missing the boat on one of the most lucrative ways to generate significant revenue in your medical spa. 

Skincare products are a great value to add to your medical spa or medical aesthetics practice for three reasons: profit, patient satisfaction, and retention. Terri Wojak outlined the value of skin care programs in a medical spa at the Medical Spa Summit at the Face & Body Spa Conference and Expo in January. Let's explore how you can achieve these goals in three easy steps...

1. Offer Services that Pair with Skincare

Are you offering treatments that go hand-in-hand with skincare products? These include:
- Dermaplaning
- Chemical Peels
- Micro-needling
- Facials
- Microdermabrasion

You'll find that patients will either start with a skincare product that will then guide them into additional procedures, OR patients will want to bring something home to maintain and enhance the results post-procedure. Either way, it's a win-win for you!

2. Choose the Right Product 

You want to choose a product line that will cover all of your patient's needs, including clinical studies, a good reputation, and provide you with marketing and educational support. If you make the SMART choice, you will achieve the desired patient satisfaction. 

Safe: FDA-approved, product-tested, reputable manufacturer, and has user guidelines 
Maintained: Available representatives, a warranty, and marketing support 
Affirmation: Proven ingredients/technology, product/device-tested, and trusted colleagues and representatives
Research: Be skeptical, carefully read studies, examine photographs, and do your own research 
Take-Home/ROI: Must increase revenue, competitive pricing, price per treatment, client satisfaction, and provider time. 

3. Create Skincare Packages 

Skincare packages are a great way to introduce your patients to skincare, because it shows that you care about maintaining their results, and it keeps them coming back to your practice to complete the package. You'll want to customize this package so it meets the needs of your patient. Something like, "Prime with Dermaplaning, then followed by an injection, and lastly a facial." Offering this type of skincare package will differentiate your medical spa from the competition and create a client for life. 
Bottom line is retail alone can yield up to 40% profit 
-Terri Wojak, LE NCEA

Learn more about how skin care can improve your medical spa's patient experience at F&B San Jose.

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