Take a Brotox Journey with AmSpa Director, Alex Thiersch | Part 2


AmSpa Director, Alex Thiersch's, Brotox journey with Dr. Sheila Nazarian was a success! Although a bit scared of needles, Alex said it was hardly painful at all and would highly recommend for men to try. By the looks of his happy face in the office, we'd say it went pretty well too! 😄

Thanks again Dr. Sheila Nazarian for an exceptional first-time brotox experience and for being a continuous AmSpa supporter!  

Click here to view Alex's Brotox Journey - Part 1 video.  

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Take a Brotox Journey with AmSpa Director, Alex Thiersch

By: Aly Boeckh

AmSpa Founder and Director, Alex Thiersch, never thought the words, "I've decided to get some Brotox," would ever leave his mouth. BUT, after long consideration and desire to relate more closely to the members of AmSpa, Alex finally decided to go under the needle.

While attending the Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetics Dermatology conference in Marina del Rey, CA, he set up an appointment with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian.  

It's only one day prior to the treatment and Alex already has lots of questions and concerns. You don't want to miss the final reveal!

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Don't Miss AmSpa's Upcoming Events for 2017!

How to Advertise Your Medical Spa Compliantly

By: Aly Boeckh

Regulators are paying closer attention than ever before to how medical spas are advertising their products and services. Whether you're promoting discounted botox on your website, or claiming to be the BEST Laser Center in your area, or posting live snapchat stories of your patient's treatments, you must be mindful of how your state's regulatory body is interpreting these marketing techniques.

As Alex Thiersch wrote in the December issue of Modern Aesthetics' The Rise of the Regulators article, "Some medical boards, are not at all happy about the way this is trending. They see this new wave of digital marketing as having an adverse affect on the industry, as it commodifies health care and risks patient privacy. Traditionally, health care has been something people need, not something they want, so traditional thinking has suggested that it is unseemly for medical practices to advertise."

We all must ask ourselves:

How can we utilize digital marketing in our practice, without the risk of losing our license or undergoing an investigation?