You're Invited! AmSpa's Medical Spa Business Summit

By: Aly Boeckh

Join us for AmSpa's Medical Spa Business Summit an entire day of medical spa training and education from the top educators in the medical spa industry, at Skin Inc.'s Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo in San Jose, CA on August 26. AmSpa will present an overview of the steps you need to take if you're thinking of jumping into the competitive medical spa industry. You will also learn the legal basics of medical spas, find out how to hire, motivate, and properly pay staff, and discover ways to use skin care programs to keep your patients coming back for more. Topics will also include:

• Legal basics of opening and operating a medical spa
• An overview of the most popular medical spa treatments
• How to attract, train, pay, and keep quality staff
• The best digital marketing tactics for new medical spas
• Ways retail products can boost your bottom line
• How a commitment to skin care can increase patient retention

Register Now!

Attendees will receive admission to the full Medical Spa Summit program as well as the Advanced Education Networking Luncheon. Attendance also includes a complimentary two-day pass to the Face & Body exhibition hall featuring exhibitors and representatives from all sectors of the spa, skin care and wellness industries. Admission is $335 online before June 30, 2017. Register here!

Check out the Agenda! 

The Medical Spa Explosion
The total number of medical spas has doubled in the last five years. Revenues increased 7% in the average medical spa in 2016 and are projected to increase by 10% or more in 2017. How can you become part of one of the fastest growing industries in the United States?

Overview of Medical Spa Legalities
Understanding regulations in the medical spa industry can be a challenge since they often vary state-by-state and since so many different regulatory agencies can be involved. Who can own a medical spa? What professional licensee can perform which treatment? What are the biggest patient privacy concerns? 

Adding the Most Popular Medical Spa Treatments to Your Practice
Learn about the most popular medical spa procedures, and what you need to consider when adding them to your practice. Are there equipment and consumable costs? What kind of staff and licensing do you need? What are the biggest up-and-coming procedures?

Attracting, Motivating and Maintaining Quality Team Players for Your Medical Spa
Finding and keeping reliable, motivated team members is one of the biggest concerns among medical spa owners. How do you find good staff and weed out the bad? How do you get them to buy-in to the overall success of the business?

Medical Spa Compensation: Pay by Performance
Paying commission to your employees for medical procedures is illegal in most states, but there are legally compliant ways to incentivize your staff. Learn the pay structures that will get the most out of your employees while staying within the law.

Motivating Your Staff to Sell Retail
Retail sales can be a large profit-driver in your business and yet it's a revenue stream that many medical spas do not fully utilize. How can you train and motivate your staff to boost your bottom line through retail sales?

How Digital Marketing Can Help You Find, Serve and Keep More Patients Profitably
Digital marketing is a necessity in today's consumer landscape, but between email, SEO, and social media it can seem like a daunting task. How do you use these tools effectively and measurably to increase traffic to your website, and ultimately to your door?

Building a Profitable Medical Spa with Skin Care
There are many benefits to including a skin care program in your medical spa. Proper after care leads to better treatment results, retail sales offer added profitability, and skin care products increase patient retention. How do you integrate skin care into your business to get the biggest benefit?

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