How to Wow Your Medical Spa Patients with an Esthetician Experience

By: Aly Boeckh

Aesthetician services are one of the greatest return on investments that you could offer in your med spa. According to AmSpa's State of the Industry Online Survey, one of the most common treatments provided by medical spas is aesthetician services at 82.9%. With plenty of services that they can perform, estheticians are crucial to your success. 

As long as they are in compliance with the regulations affecting your state, here's just a few ideas on how your estheticians can WOW your patients!

1. Employ Estheticians that can Sell their Services

One of the 10 traits of successful medical spas is investing in good people. "Medical spa employees should be knowledgeable people who are good at selling, who understand the business, and who believe in the products and treatments they’re offering." Successful medical spas hire employees that make them money. 

Creeping on social media accounts is actually an effective way to tell if an applicant has a good following of clients. You can also use AmSpa's Job Board to post a job opportunity exclusively to Med Spa Professionals. 

2. Find a Niche for your Estheticians to Market to

If you have your estheticians focus on one particular treatment - such as Hydrafacials, or Microblading - then they can market themselves as the experts. According to American Spa Magazine, it also lowers overhead, because there’s no need for a practice that specializes in Microblading to have a ton of lasers around, for example.

3. Teach the Value of Selling Skin Care

The top medical spas employ sales techniques to help retain their patients. Your estheticians should be educating and selling their clients on retail after every treatment. Remember, it's not about selling products, it's about educating.   

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