The Gateway to Male Aesthetics

By: Aly Boeckh

Puzzled By the Increase in Male Cosmetic Treatments?

Med Spa Industry Expert Louis Frisina, credited with bringing the dermal filler Restylane to the U.S., has been studying the med spa market closely and gives insight on how to get male prospects into your practice.

"From focus groups and personal interviews with males, it appears there is a significant "gateway" with hair restoration, starting with early targeted marketing of the "Bosleys" of the world,” Frisina said. He added, "Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Systems like Neograft and ARTES are growing at a rate of more than 20 percent.”

Both devices assist with the hair transportation process, by either performing or facilitating the extraction of hair grafts through what is called the FUE technique. In fact, Frisina says that these systems are becoming more and more popular and are growing at such an alarming rate that Hair Restoration has become the gateway treatment and entry door to male aesthetics for med spas across the country.

"In addition to FUE and the traditional issues with surgical hair restoration  techniques of scarring, downtime and scalp numbness for many months, new technologies such as NeoGrapt and Artas have paved the way for greater and easier acceptance,” Frisina said.

NeoGraft v ARTAS

According to Doctor Epstein from RealSelf, with almost 20 years of hair restoration practice, "The ARTAS® utilizes computer technology to guide the device in the removing of each graft by itself.  The NeoGraft® is more reliant on a human to use the device to extract the grafts, but manufacturer-provided technicians can be sent to the doctor’s clinic to perform the graft extractions and even oversee the making of the recipient sites." Meaning that minimal input is required of the surgeon during these critical steps in achieving natural appearing results.

Frisina adds that RealSelf recently reported that for the average monthly queries from patients, over 4.1 MM of the 9 MM reported  were questions and inquiries regarding male baldness and hair restoration. This means that hair restoration might be the entry way for med spas to gain additional "bites of the apple” with males for cosmetic procedure among such as neurotoxins, fillers and other surgical procedures.

"So, offer hair restoration solutions such as the new technologies and PRP for both male and female baldness, and we might- just might- move that needle to reflect more percentage of males for our ever growing aesthetic industry,” said Frisina

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