5 Medical Spa Beauty Trends for 2017

By: Aly Boeckh

In the Med Spa industry, where social media influencers lead the way of beauty trends...you can never be quite sure what treatments will start to gain popularity. Just in this past year, lip trends have shifted from lip enhancements to lip reductions. Not only are trends reversing, but they are re-emerging from the past, like the rise in chemical peels and eyebrow tattooing. Let's take a closer look at what new trends you can add to your practice...

1. Transformative Superfacials

The Triple Glow Facial mastered by Mzia Shiman offers a blend of microdermabrasion, massage, and  potent-yet-soothing treatment serums to create a healthy, even complexion with zero redness or downtime. After educating your client on the benefits of maintaining this superfacial with your premium skincare line, you'll have a guaranteed returning customer.

2. Bold Brows

Eyebrow tattooing is back, but it's nothing like the Sharpie-esque brows from the 90s. Newly termed as microblading, this semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment fills in sparse eyebrows with "feather" fine, hair-like strokes. In case you haven't already stumbled upon it on social media, it is a super trendy procedure as many people are in search for the perfect eyebrow symmetry. However, since it is still a relatively new procedure, AmSpa believes it's very likely that state legislation will vary on who can perform it

3. Sugaring 

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, waxing and shaving don't even compare to the sweetest treatment - literally. Sugaring uses a gel made of sugar, lemon, and hot water to gently remove hair. Unlike sticky wax pulling on your skin, the sugar binds to just your hair making it a lot less painful. Estheticians can combine this treatment with a massage, and exfoliation for lasting results.

4. Chemical Peels

More people are getting Chemical Peels now than in 1997 (when peels were the number-one cosmetic procedure in the country), according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The approach to this procedure, however, has since changed from causing visible peeling to now infusing the skin with ingredients that diminish lines, build collagen, and improve tone. 

5. Microcurrent Facials

"Like Pilates for your Face!" SB Skin offers a facial that emits mild electrical currents to the skin and facial muscles that stimulates collagen and elastin production. The entire face becomes lifted and contoured, lines and puffiness are diminished and overall complexion is improved. You can combine this with a light dermabrasion and LED light therapy for maximum results.

For more information on who can safely perform med spa treatments, please visit AmSpa's Treatment Directory.

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