Medical Spas: Your Guide to a Safe Holiday Season

By: Alyson Boeckh

Your medical spa guide to a safe and compliant holiday season is the gift that keeps on giving! Here is your guide to dealing with naughty patients, regulators, and lawyers. Rest assured, there is ALWAYS room on the nice list! 

1. Steer Clear of the Naughty Patients

Problematic patients can cause your medical spa a great deal of harm. Unfortunately, these people are the scrooges of the industry that simply cannot be reasoned with. The best way to avoid the troublemakers is by spotting them early. Problematic patients don't follow the rules: they don't show up for appointments, don't follow instructions for treatment, are disruptive and don't pay. Even with the competition of the industry growing, turning away these types of patients will save you great trouble and heartache. As the holiday season continues to bring out the crazies, just remember your professional reputation is worth much more than what these patients' potential financial benefit could ever counterbalance. Your best defense is to avoid the Naughtys!        

2. Learn Your State's Practice Act and Check it TWICE

Ever heard of your state's practice act? Don't worry, you're not the only one who feels left in the dark. The laws governing medical spas are often misunderstood and unclear to many. The best step you can take to understanding the law is by working with your local health care attorney (specifically an aesthetics attorney) who can help explain the regulations in your state. (AmSpa works with a national medical aesthetics law firm and provides a discount on initial consultations for members. Learn more about member benefits.) Practice acts are continually updating and changing as new technology advances are hitting the market, so it's very important for the future of your business to learn the laws to stay compliant as the industry continues to grow. Just remember, the regulators are always watching!  

3. HO HO HOld an Evaluation  

Another effective approach to becoming and staying compliant is to hold an on-site evaluation. That way you can know exactly if you're building your clientele properly without violating any patient privacy laws, or that your staff is properly performing treatments under the right guidelines. You can either create your own or purchase a Standard Operating Procedure to quicken the evaluation process. 

4. There's Room for Everyone on the Nice List

Working toward safety and compliance is a great way to start the New Year! It's never easy to break old habits that have worked in the past, but as the old saying goes, "One person can ruin it for everyone." The more we work together as an industry towards compliance, the closer it brings us to breaking the negative stigma associated with the medical spa industry.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your legal landscape.

AmSpa members have access to summaries of the laws that apply to medical spas in their state as well as member pricing for legal consultations with our partner law firm, ByrdAdatto. We're here to help; become a member today!

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